AllThatSpace (2023)

A space-filling sculpture. The possibility of a different composition and reaction of everything. A structure of 845 dots awaited the visitors in this multi-media installation. For this visual appropriation materials were used that were provided by the gallery’s outbuilding: Insulation material, shards, ashes, cardboard, foil, old bags and tin cans are some of the things that were reshaped into circles with different radii. Everything that could not be processed was photographed, printed onto façade foil and then cut into form.                                                                                                                         Following the structures of 34 Braille words, the materials were then distributed across the four walls of the room. The words are synonyms of the word to see – perceive, grasp, distrust, remember, spot, imagine, believe, etc. – which approximate the process of seeing and perceiving and lend it a kind of body or essence in this installation.                               The building, which consists of all the materials used, was restructured in its foundations. Like chemical signs that could change again overnight, this structure unfolded throughout the room.