All That Space (since 2016)

° All That Space ° (previously ° The Blind Spot °) is a project I am working on since 2016. It is based on works created by the combination of Braille, the scripture of the blind, and visual elements. This research keeps unfolding permanently, I dive deeper into the ideal and technical possibilities and the layers of meaning, that come with it. Like this, the Braille scripture does not only behave as technique but changes its roles. It transforms into unknown chemical signs or connections that change and visually disrupt reality as it is.
By manipulating images, projecting words or building sculptures I intervene concretely in a world, that I would like to see un- and re-formed in so many ways. As if I had a magical eye, that allows me to shift the structure of the present.                                                                                                 ° All the space there is ° all the space it might have been ° all the space it might be °