the blind spot #0 (2016-2019)

resumee ° the blind spot ° projects

◊ the long-term project The Blind Spot, including throwing an eye on, formulates approaches to create portraits of perception. Photography is combined with techniques based on braille, the scripture of the blind: with projections, photographic interventions and installations, words and alphabetical eyes are formed from Braille and incorporated into material and photographic reality. A clear separation of seeing and non-seeing is thus abolished, for both concepts form an amalgam that is by no means a paradox: the seeming contradiction is a rubbing and wavering emulsion, the presumed principle of perception. These visualizations portray the preceptual process and it’s characteristical way of changing reality. At the same time the images create visual sculptures about the options and utopia of shapes, about the options and utopia of perception itself. ◊