°°°° installation view ° throwing an eye on #3: donori °, contemporary - festival di musica e arte d'avanguardia, ludoteca, donori/sardinia, 09/2017 °°°°

°°°° installation view ° throwing an eye on #3: the barn °, short-exhibition, kuhstedt/bremen, 04/2019 °°°°

throwing an eye on #3 (2017-2019)

projection / installation

Throwing An Eye On #3 uses the eye as representation of the complex act of visual perception, hereby creating its own language-space between vision and blindness. The basis of this project is a short scientific text about the act of seeing. These 63 words, 4 dots and 1 comma are each converted into projections in Braille. During the night all 68 signs are projected onto urban structures, large and small objects, as well as human bodies – the resulting amalgams of surface and projected Braille are then beeing photographed. ◊

◊ The subsequent composition of the images following the form of an iris with a pupil in the center creates an eye that looks at the place it comes from and the world around it from its very own dimension. The result is a visualization that represents the transforming power of perception: on the one hand, the eye appears in its special shape depending on the color and form of the illuminated surfaces. On the other hand, this visual organ reshapes the spaces it illuminates, transferring them into the eye as organic representation of the act of visual perception. ◊

these four eyes presented were created:

#1 In a barn in Kuhstedt/Bremen (2019)

#2 In the sardinian capital Cagliari (2018)

#3 In the sardinian town Donori (2017)

#4 with the painting Dorfstrasse in Worpswede (Village road in Worpswede) (1897) by Otto Modersohn (2019)