°°°° installation view ° throwing an eye on #3: donori °, contemporary - festival di musica e arte d'avanguardia, ludoteca, donori/sardinia, 09/2017 °°°°

°°°° installation view ° throwing an eye on #3: the barn °, short-exhibition, kuhstedt/bremen, 04/2019 °°°°

Throwing An Eye On #3 (2017-2019)

° Throwing An Eye On #3 ° uses the eye as representation of the complex act of visual perception, hereby creating its own language-space between vision and blindness. The basis of this project is a short scientific text about the act of seeing. These 63 words, 4 dots and 1 comma are each converted into projections in Braille. During the night all 68 signs are projected onto urban structures, large and small objects, as well as human bodies – the resulting amalgams of surface and projected Braille are then beeing photographed.

The subsequent composition of the images gives rise to an eye that represents the transforming power of perception: on the one hand, the eye appears in a shape of its own, depending on the shape and color of the illuminated surfaces. On the other hand it gives a new form to the spaces it illuminates. An eye is been thrown onto reality and arbitrarily changes it.

these four eyes were created:

#1 In a barn in Kuhstedt/Bremen (2019)

#2 In the sardinian capital Cagliari (2018)

#3 In the sardinian town Donori (2017)

#4 with the painting Dorfstrasse in Worpswede (Village road in Worpswede) (1897) by Otto Modersohn (2019)